Large Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Price: NZ$16.95

Ginger Pye reusable sandwich wraps can be used again and again (and not just for sandwiches, great for rolls, pizza and all kinds of snacks).  The wrap keeps your food fresh for hours, then serves as a handy lunch mat when opened, to keep everything clean! 

Made from cotton or cotton blend fabric, with a strong food-safe certified plastic lining and velcro tabs for secure fastening, they can just be wiped clean.  The fabric is machine-washed before being sewn up to avoid any possible shrinkage. 

Each wrap is handmade in New Zealand - just select your favourite fabric by clicking on the order button below.

We have a limited stock of each fabric to ensure individuality and to avoid that factory-made look.

Large wrap fits two standard sandwiches. Wrap is approx 27cm x 27cm when open.

Be good to the environment and outfit your lunch in designer wear!