Product List

Text Box: Large Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Price:   NZ$16.95


Medium Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Price:   NZ$14.95

Price:   NZ$10.95

Price:   NZ$36.95

We also make super-size wraps to order—please email special requests direct to:


Reusable Snack Wrap

SPECIAL Wrap Pack Combo: 1 sandwich wrap, 1 snack wrap and 1 snack bag

Price:   NZ$45.95

SPECIAL Triple Pack:

3 large sandwich wraps

Price:   NZ$11.95


Reusable Snack Bag (square or rectangle)

Price:   NZ$24.95

SPECIAL Wrap Pack:

1 sandwich wrap and 1 snack wrap

Be good to the environment and outfit your lunch in designer wear!